Forsaken Children

Job Board Postings (3rd Session)
Die Lizardmen

The group started in the town of Diton. They decided that the whole bartering was a bit too boring to them and decided to take advantage of the chance to make a little extra cash on the side. They went to the Merchant Guild properties to inquire about the job posting for exterminating the lizardmen tribe. They were questioned to their purpose and then guided to the offices of Arthur Campbell. They were greeted by the secretary, Alice. She also inquired about their purpose and sent a boy to get Arthur. Arthur arrived escorted the party to a conference room. The group asked for details on the lizardmen tribe. Arthur answered what he could about the tribe and then sent for a lumberjack that survived the attack. He answered in a little more detail but there were still plenty of gaps. They then negotiated the price of 20gp per large lizardmen head, 10gp per small lizardmen head, and a keg of ale.

The group stayed the night and started out first thing in the morning. They arrived in the forest a few hours later and found the abandoned lumber site. Oren climbed a tall oak tree to get a bird’s eye view. He was able to spot the lizardmen camp and described what he saw to the group they proceeded carefully and then attempted to reason with the lizardmen for a few seconds before attacking. The lizardmen retaliated and a heated battle ensued. Oren was quickly dropped by the leader and the rest of the group managed to gain the advantage over the lizardmen tribe. The leader was slain and one of the black scaled lizardmen offered a peaceful treaty which was accepted at first but after the PCs retrieved Oren’s body they healed themselves and resumed their attack. They dispatched the rest of the visible lizardmen tribe and looted their camp taking everything including the planks from the trees. They returned to Diton late that night and rest at the Rusty Crank.

They next morning, the PCs went to see Arthur and retrieve their payment after Danties heckled the guards. Arthur was good to his word after he was reminded of the previous agreement. He also offered they group a recommendation on a bigger job to sign on as ruin excavators. He told them it was a better paying job although he couldn’t give them any definite terms because it is headed up by John Edwards. The group agreed to think about it and returned to the town proper to sell some the items they looted.

Trip to Diton (2nd session)
Holy Giant Cockroaches?!

The day after the village was attacked by the fire creatures and man with the flaming whip; the PCs compelled Cyrus not to collapse the worm created tunnel until they were able to investigate further. The group went led by MacGnomer went into the tunnel and inspected the far wall from a distance which mostly consisted of throwing rocks at it. Their inspection turned up fruitless and they decided that there was no further danger to the town from here. Cyrus collapsed the tunnel and the PCs prepared to leave on the next caravan to Diton as guards.

The group, 4 other guards, 8 craftsmen, Jasmine, and Kreegan left Rala with two wagons loaded down with good to sell and trade in Diton. The trips was progressing as normal until they were ambushed by a group of giant insect like creatures in the afternoon of the second day. They fought the vicious creatures with the help of a few werebears that showed up just in time to prevent the two biggest insects from dragging Marcus and Begger into their dens. Two of the creatures escaped after the fight turned against them. The group suffered two casualties, one from the insects’ acid spittle and the other from a stray arrow from Leshaf.

After the battle, the werebears and their friend who shifted from a raven into a young boy introduced themselves. Greetings and gratuities were exchanged. The leader of the werebears introduced himself as Behn from the tribe of the bear and the boy as Johnathan. They explained that they have been hunting these creatures and that Johnathan told them of the large group that had engaged you. Danties asked about the intelligence and tactics of the creatures and Behn explained that he had never actually seen them attack in any kind of strategic pattern before. He says that they way they were working together against you guys was unusual and the number of them was unheard of. After explaining this he says that they need to return to their tribe. Oren asked them to look in on Rala and to tell Cyrus what happened. Behn agreed reluctantly. They changed into animal form and headed west. Leshaf dug graves for the fallen comrades and the rest of the group licked their wounds.

The rest of the trip went uneventful and the caravan pulled into Diton five day later. The guards at the gate showed that he town had upped security since the last visit. The group went in traded their goods to the merchant council for wood and tools and then set up the rest in the market to be sold to the general public. Jasmine, Kreegan, and Oren took her gems to her contact Raj. Oren tried to sell his goods to Raj as well but Raj was not interested in weapon. Instead Raj gave Oren the contact information and a note of good intent for the merchant council. Oren decide to try to sell his goods to the public with some success. After the day had progressed to night, the group headed to The Rusty Crank for the rooms that Cyrus had set up for them. Their they saw a board with various job ads on them. One posted by Lord Steward stuck out about bandits raiding local merchant caravans and a reward for them being brought to justice. A few attempts to make contacts were made with little result and the PCs decided to bed down for the night.

The Attack on Rala (1st session)
Who is the Brotherhood?

The day began the same as any other in the mining camp of Rala. Breakfast was made by Emily and eaten in good spirits by the community before they all traveled off to be about their chores.

In the mountains nearby Nigel, the druid hosted MacGnomer as the two tried to work out details for the creation of the newest MacGnomer’s newest gizmo. Nigel was told of an unusual presence in the mountain trails and went out to greet this traveler. He offered a non-hostile introduction that was met with similar hospitality. The two soon set off for the camp after retrieving MacGnomer.

Just at they were nearing the mining camp they became aware that their was trouble. The lead miner, Jacob, came out of the mines screaming. He was on fire and being followed by a mischievous looking fire creature. The creature was quickly follow by what appeared to be bats made of fire. Some of the town guards set on the creatures quickly along with a few of the braver citizens. They quickly dispatched the fiery creatures but not before poor Jacob was slain.

There were still screams coming from the mines, so the groups hastily made their way to the mine entrance. Upon entering they found on the eastern wing the rest of the miners were being tormented by some mean spirited magma mephits. They manage to defeat the mephits before anymore casualty occurred and then after quickly questioning the miners determined the source of this fiery assailants to be a small tunnel in the northern most point of the cave.

They quickly made their way there; all except Alexander who decided to stay behind to assure that the miners made it out of the mines safely. Upon reaching the tunnel, Marcus determined you couldn’t enter it because of his size. The rest of the group was about to enter when a worm with a burning hot pincher for a mouth protruded from the tunnel entrance. The worm was quickly killed and Marcus moved it out of the tunnel so that the others could make their way down.

The gnomes went in first to scout it out due to their small size. The other medium size companions except Beggar, Alexander, and Sethaf followed them. What they found was an opening that contained lava with not a whole lot of rock to stand on but plenty of fiery creatures that were content on trying to kill them. The overly crowded conditions gave the fire creature a significant advantage over the PCs but through tactical awareness and perseverance won them the day. All but one fire bat was slain and the fire bat flew from the battle hitting the wall on the opposite side of the opening. The wall shimmered and the bat was gone.

Then the companions heard Alexander’s warning relayed by Sethaf that the town was under attack. The companions hurried to assist but were a bit behind.

As Alexander neared the entrance of the cave with the miners in tow, he saw that there was smoke rising from the camp. After instructing the miners to remain at the mine entrance he dimensional jump down to the bottom of the mountain pass and began to run to the town to assist. As he neared the camp a figure that had been hiding in a nearby tree jumped out at him and slashed at him with a whip that was made of flames. The man wore simple garment with a nice cloak but otherwise was unremarkable. The whip missed Alexander as he dodged out of the way. Alexander pulled his rapier from his sheath and engaged the combatant with Marcus, Beggar, and Sethaf coming to his aid.

At first the companions were unable to harm the man. They landed blow after blow but they just didn’t seem to bit to bother him in the least. When they surrounded the man an explosion of fire erupted from him in every directions for twenty feet burning all in its path as he laughed. The companions pressed on but now Marcus found it hard to breathe. He stopped to concentrate on catching his breath. Eventually he was overtaken by the lack of oxygen and passed out. The rest of the group had finally started to injure their opponent with their blows. With one more desperate attempt the air once again erupted in fire surrounding the man in the robe. This time Alexander was hit with it full force and was burnt alive. This was too much for Marcus and Sethaf as well. Marcus was still trying to catch his breath and now he was overtaken by the lack of oxygen and passed out. Sephaf was burnt badly and had passed out from the pain. The rest of the group continued their assault and manage to cut the arson down from behind as he tried to flee. Patch quickly attended to both Sethaf and Marcus with glowing hands. Sethaf’s wounds began to heal and Marcus started to breathe easier.

They stopped the man’s bleeding, bound him, and brought him back to consciousness. They asked him who he worked for and the man responded, “You are all already dead and don’t know it. The Brotherhood will come and you all will burn.” Marcus who was resuscitated asked, “what give you the right?” He responded, “ What gives you the right to breathe?” Now Oren put a blade to the man’s throat and asked “What is the Brotherhood?” “Your betters”, the man answered. “What deity do you follow?” Oren continued. “The deities are weak. Where are they? The Brotherhood is the real strength.”, the man spat and began to laugh manically. He refused to answer anymore questions or responded to any of the multiple threats leveled at him. He instead just laughed his crazy laugh that match the crazy look in his eyes. Seeing that he was not going to provide any answers Oren slit his throat and left his corpse.

First Session

After you guys finished with your execution of the prisoner, you find Patch weeping over Alexander’s body. He had drug him to the fence of the animal pen. He is muttering over and over again for Alexander not to leave. He begrudgingly allows Cyrus take Alexander away for preparation for burial. The following day Alexander and Jacob, the head miner, are buried and Cyrus speak a benediction of their heroics. He spends a good bit of time talking of Alexander’s character. That a man who had only know a group of people for a couple of days would show the compassion to lead them to safety and risk his own life to make it safe for them. They are laid to rest with all the honors the village can show them.

The tunnel inside the mine is collapsed, unless you guys have want to try to convince Cyrus to do otherwise. The miners are given a three day grieving period off of their duties but Cyrus explains that we have to continue to mine for the survival of the town. A few of the miners decide to leave town with the next caravan saying that they can’t enter the mines again after the nightmare of yesterday.

Please handle amongst yourself who is receiving/holding what from the group loot of last session before the next session (Tuesday Jan. 10 @1030 PM ET). Also everyone receives 1050XP. Thanks and I will see you next time.

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