Forsaken Children

Job Board Postings (3rd Session)

Die Lizardmen

The group started in the town of Diton. They decided that the whole bartering was a bit too boring to them and decided to take advantage of the chance to make a little extra cash on the side. They went to the Merchant Guild properties to inquire about the job posting for exterminating the lizardmen tribe. They were questioned to their purpose and then guided to the offices of Arthur Campbell. They were greeted by the secretary, Alice. She also inquired about their purpose and sent a boy to get Arthur. Arthur arrived escorted the party to a conference room. The group asked for details on the lizardmen tribe. Arthur answered what he could about the tribe and then sent for a lumberjack that survived the attack. He answered in a little more detail but there were still plenty of gaps. They then negotiated the price of 20gp per large lizardmen head, 10gp per small lizardmen head, and a keg of ale.

The group stayed the night and started out first thing in the morning. They arrived in the forest a few hours later and found the abandoned lumber site. Oren climbed a tall oak tree to get a bird’s eye view. He was able to spot the lizardmen camp and described what he saw to the group they proceeded carefully and then attempted to reason with the lizardmen for a few seconds before attacking. The lizardmen retaliated and a heated battle ensued. Oren was quickly dropped by the leader and the rest of the group managed to gain the advantage over the lizardmen tribe. The leader was slain and one of the black scaled lizardmen offered a peaceful treaty which was accepted at first but after the PCs retrieved Oren’s body they healed themselves and resumed their attack. They dispatched the rest of the visible lizardmen tribe and looted their camp taking everything including the planks from the trees. They returned to Diton late that night and rest at the Rusty Crank.

They next morning, the PCs went to see Arthur and retrieve their payment after Danties heckled the guards. Arthur was good to his word after he was reminded of the previous agreement. He also offered they group a recommendation on a bigger job to sign on as ruin excavators. He told them it was a better paying job although he couldn’t give them any definite terms because it is headed up by John Edwards. The group agreed to think about it and returned to the town proper to sell some the items they looted.



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