Forsaken Children

Trip to Diton (2nd session)

Holy Giant Cockroaches?!

The day after the village was attacked by the fire creatures and man with the flaming whip; the PCs compelled Cyrus not to collapse the worm created tunnel until they were able to investigate further. The group went led by MacGnomer went into the tunnel and inspected the far wall from a distance which mostly consisted of throwing rocks at it. Their inspection turned up fruitless and they decided that there was no further danger to the town from here. Cyrus collapsed the tunnel and the PCs prepared to leave on the next caravan to Diton as guards.

The group, 4 other guards, 8 craftsmen, Jasmine, and Kreegan left Rala with two wagons loaded down with good to sell and trade in Diton. The trips was progressing as normal until they were ambushed by a group of giant insect like creatures in the afternoon of the second day. They fought the vicious creatures with the help of a few werebears that showed up just in time to prevent the two biggest insects from dragging Marcus and Begger into their dens. Two of the creatures escaped after the fight turned against them. The group suffered two casualties, one from the insects’ acid spittle and the other from a stray arrow from Leshaf.

After the battle, the werebears and their friend who shifted from a raven into a young boy introduced themselves. Greetings and gratuities were exchanged. The leader of the werebears introduced himself as Behn from the tribe of the bear and the boy as Johnathan. They explained that they have been hunting these creatures and that Johnathan told them of the large group that had engaged you. Danties asked about the intelligence and tactics of the creatures and Behn explained that he had never actually seen them attack in any kind of strategic pattern before. He says that they way they were working together against you guys was unusual and the number of them was unheard of. After explaining this he says that they need to return to their tribe. Oren asked them to look in on Rala and to tell Cyrus what happened. Behn agreed reluctantly. They changed into animal form and headed west. Leshaf dug graves for the fallen comrades and the rest of the group licked their wounds.

The rest of the trip went uneventful and the caravan pulled into Diton five day later. The guards at the gate showed that he town had upped security since the last visit. The group went in traded their goods to the merchant council for wood and tools and then set up the rest in the market to be sold to the general public. Jasmine, Kreegan, and Oren took her gems to her contact Raj. Oren tried to sell his goods to Raj as well but Raj was not interested in weapon. Instead Raj gave Oren the contact information and a note of good intent for the merchant council. Oren decide to try to sell his goods to the public with some success. After the day had progressed to night, the group headed to The Rusty Crank for the rooms that Cyrus had set up for them. Their they saw a board with various job ads on them. One posted by Lord Steward stuck out about bandits raiding local merchant caravans and a reward for them being brought to justice. A few attempts to make contacts were made with little result and the PCs decided to bed down for the night.



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