Bulvai is a powerfully built half-giant who is just shy of 7 feet tall and weighs 280 pounds. With red hair and a fair complexion he carries the distinct signs of his split heritage. He carries a very large two handed sword and uses it as his standard method of solving disputes. He wears a chain shirt, a unique set of bracers and a belt as well as typical, well-worn traveler clothes. Bulvai carries a typical assortment of equipment associated with a traveler or adventurer. He also has a fine set of smithing tools which he has been know to put to use crafting the odd piece of armor.


Bulvai may not be a genius but he is no idiot either and is as strong as an angry bull. He’s a pretty decent looking guy for a half-giant and will talk with anybody but has a tendency to be largely indifferent unless the topic at hand directly effects him. Bulvai is a traveler and typically sells his sword to anybody who pays well but will do whatever he needs to to put food in his gut when necessary. Some who travel with him have been known to note feeling arcane energies around Bulvai at certain times but no real physical manifestations of magic have been noticed yet. If you need something moved Bulvai might help you if you ask him. He doesn’t take well to being ordered around by anybody who hasn’t proven themselves to be an equal or superior or by those whom he doesn’t respect.


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