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Population: 58
Government: Mayor (Cyrus)
Religion: None
Imports: Food, livestock, tools and wood
Exports: Iron, weapons, gems, and fish
Alignment: Neutral

The starting village’s name is Rala. The leader is a human named Cyrus. Cyrus is a tall regal man who seems to have been destined to be a leader. He is quick to help when needed and is very personable to even the lowest of rank in the town. He is wise beyond his years and know a lot about geograph due to his nomadic behavior in the past.
The current population is 58 including you guys. The major occupations is farming (some small cattle, and vegetables), fishing on the river, and mining (just started but that was the major draw to this area). Rala is run as a semi-socialistic village. Every income that is a result of mining, farming or fishing are subject to a 20% tax that is distributed for village survival.

The forest just to the south is terribly dangerous. If you try to enter you will almost certainly be strung up by the elves for trespassing. Also once in a while something will make its way out and attack the village causing Cyrus to designate guards for the town.

Main Page

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