The setting is a homebrew. Roughly 80-100 years ago the clerics and wizards united against each other in a war that almost destroyed the world. Various ill effects come of the world. Most of the cities have been level. The largest city that existed, Jordan the center of magic, was struck by a massive meteor burying the whole city. It filled with water from the surrounding rivers and underwater springs and changing into what is known now as the dead sea. The second largest city, Genox, was the capital of the religions for the goodly gods. It was a washed with a white hot flame killing all inside and everything the flame is now cursed. They say that the dead priest still occupy the town in an undead state of misery and blood thirsty anger. Other than these details most people do not know any specifics of the war.

Following the last strokes of the battle, all known clerics and wizards were either dead or gone. The elves drew into the forest and hostilely protect them against all non-elven trespassers. The dwarves locked themselves in the mountain home with few exceptions. Famine ,dought, and disease killed more than half of the remaining population and war for what little remained killed another quarter. Civilization has just started to be re-established and all humanoids are either nomadic or are part of small tribal type civilations.

-All races are acceptable but if you want to play something unique please let me know ahead of time so that we can work it out. Lycantropes are really common.
-I have no restriction on alignments. I would prefer that you guys have atleast a somewhat similiar veiw but it is not necessary.
-Clerics are off limits. Even speaking the god’s names is a grave offense and it is speculated that they gods abandoned the world. Wizards are very limited because there are no other wizards to teach apprentices. Also there are extreme superstition against magic in certain areas. Sorcerers are more common than wizards and druid have been know to help heal people but they are rare as well.

Character Generation
All ability scores start at 8. Characters start with 52 points to spend on raising their scores. Costs for each is as follows:

9 – 1
10 – 2
11 – 3
12 – 5
13 – 7
14 – 10
15 – 13
16 – 17
17 – 21
18 – 26

I am trying a defense variant for armor class. Depending on your class determines what your initial bonus and it goes up by one at third level and then once every three levels after that (i.e. 3rd, 6th, 9th ect). The initial bonus is as follows:

Cleric, Paladin, or Fighter: 6
Barbarian or Druid: 4
Bard, Rogue, or Ranger: 3
Sorcerer, Wizard or Monk: 2

Along with using a defense variant, we will be using a system with armor providing DR instead of AC. Only items that provide armor or natural armor bonuses will provide DR. Deflection, insight and unnamed bonuses to AC will be added to your defense score as normal. Anything that provides natural armor will provide DR equal to one half the natual armor bonus. DR from natural armor does not stack with with DR from armor. You will recieve the benefit from the most beneficial DR. DR provided by armor is as listed:

padded: 1
leather: 1
studded leather: 2
hide: 2
chain shirt: 3
scale mail: 3
chainmail: 4
breastplate: 4
splint mail: 5
banded mail: 5
half-plate: 6
full plate: 6

We are starting at 3rd level. You will be able to purchase starting equipment of upto 8000 gp with the following restrictions:

- Metal armor including studded leather cost twice as much as normal.
- No item purchased can exceed 4000 gp
- Full plate and Half-plate are not available
-All money must be spent, this equipment is more hierloom or stuff gathered after the war than actual purchases

The economy right now is not well established. This does not mean that gold is meaningless but most small villages don’t have much to sell and would rather barter than outright sell. Larger villages and town will have markets but even there the amount of merchandise is still limited. Magic items are uncommon following the disappearance of all the mages and clerics.

The village you are currently residing in is newly established you have actually moved south around the mountains to arrive here. You have been here for a couple of weeks. The main draw to this area was the available mining to the north and the sea to the east provides for fishing. Non-precious metals are very valuable right now. So if you guys decide to invest some ranks in profession miner you can start with some metal that can be bartered now or later for additional gear or you can use it to smithy into gear at normal prices if you take ranks in the appropriate crafts skills. South of the village is the great forest that is inhabited by an elven tribe know as the Nevil elves. They are no friendlier than any other elven tribe but as long as you stay out of the forest they leave you alone. That was discovered at the expense of a few villagers who went foraging for berries and were found skinned and hung from the trees at the edge of the forest.

Forsaken Children

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