Forsaken Children

First Session

After you guys finished with your execution of the prisoner, you find Patch weeping over Alexander’s body. He had drug him to the fence of the animal pen. He is muttering over and over again for Alexander not to leave. He begrudgingly allows Cyrus take Alexander away for preparation for burial. The following day Alexander and Jacob, the head miner, are buried and Cyrus speak a benediction of their heroics. He spends a good bit of time talking of Alexander’s character. That a man who had only know a group of people for a couple of days would show the compassion to lead them to safety and risk his own life to make it safe for them. They are laid to rest with all the honors the village can show them.

The tunnel inside the mine is collapsed, unless you guys have want to try to convince Cyrus to do otherwise. The miners are given a three day grieving period off of their duties but Cyrus explains that we have to continue to mine for the survival of the town. A few of the miners decide to leave town with the next caravan saying that they can’t enter the mines again after the nightmare of yesterday.

Please handle amongst yourself who is receiving/holding what from the group loot of last session before the next session (Tuesday Jan. 10 @1030 PM ET). Also everyone receives 1050XP. Thanks and I will see you next time.



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