Forsaken Children

The Attack on Rala (1st session)

Who is the Brotherhood?

The day began the same as any other in the mining camp of Rala. Breakfast was made by Emily and eaten in good spirits by the community before they all traveled off to be about their chores.

In the mountains nearby Nigel, the druid hosted MacGnomer as the two tried to work out details for the creation of the newest MacGnomer’s newest gizmo. Nigel was told of an unusual presence in the mountain trails and went out to greet this traveler. He offered a non-hostile introduction that was met with similar hospitality. The two soon set off for the camp after retrieving MacGnomer.

Just at they were nearing the mining camp they became aware that their was trouble. The lead miner, Jacob, came out of the mines screaming. He was on fire and being followed by a mischievous looking fire creature. The creature was quickly follow by what appeared to be bats made of fire. Some of the town guards set on the creatures quickly along with a few of the braver citizens. They quickly dispatched the fiery creatures but not before poor Jacob was slain.

There were still screams coming from the mines, so the groups hastily made their way to the mine entrance. Upon entering they found on the eastern wing the rest of the miners were being tormented by some mean spirited magma mephits. They manage to defeat the mephits before anymore casualty occurred and then after quickly questioning the miners determined the source of this fiery assailants to be a small tunnel in the northern most point of the cave.

They quickly made their way there; all except Alexander who decided to stay behind to assure that the miners made it out of the mines safely. Upon reaching the tunnel, Marcus determined you couldn’t enter it because of his size. The rest of the group was about to enter when a worm with a burning hot pincher for a mouth protruded from the tunnel entrance. The worm was quickly killed and Marcus moved it out of the tunnel so that the others could make their way down.

The gnomes went in first to scout it out due to their small size. The other medium size companions except Beggar, Alexander, and Sethaf followed them. What they found was an opening that contained lava with not a whole lot of rock to stand on but plenty of fiery creatures that were content on trying to kill them. The overly crowded conditions gave the fire creature a significant advantage over the PCs but through tactical awareness and perseverance won them the day. All but one fire bat was slain and the fire bat flew from the battle hitting the wall on the opposite side of the opening. The wall shimmered and the bat was gone.

Then the companions heard Alexander’s warning relayed by Sethaf that the town was under attack. The companions hurried to assist but were a bit behind.

As Alexander neared the entrance of the cave with the miners in tow, he saw that there was smoke rising from the camp. After instructing the miners to remain at the mine entrance he dimensional jump down to the bottom of the mountain pass and began to run to the town to assist. As he neared the camp a figure that had been hiding in a nearby tree jumped out at him and slashed at him with a whip that was made of flames. The man wore simple garment with a nice cloak but otherwise was unremarkable. The whip missed Alexander as he dodged out of the way. Alexander pulled his rapier from his sheath and engaged the combatant with Marcus, Beggar, and Sethaf coming to his aid.

At first the companions were unable to harm the man. They landed blow after blow but they just didn’t seem to bit to bother him in the least. When they surrounded the man an explosion of fire erupted from him in every directions for twenty feet burning all in its path as he laughed. The companions pressed on but now Marcus found it hard to breathe. He stopped to concentrate on catching his breath. Eventually he was overtaken by the lack of oxygen and passed out. The rest of the group had finally started to injure their opponent with their blows. With one more desperate attempt the air once again erupted in fire surrounding the man in the robe. This time Alexander was hit with it full force and was burnt alive. This was too much for Marcus and Sethaf as well. Marcus was still trying to catch his breath and now he was overtaken by the lack of oxygen and passed out. Sephaf was burnt badly and had passed out from the pain. The rest of the group continued their assault and manage to cut the arson down from behind as he tried to flee. Patch quickly attended to both Sethaf and Marcus with glowing hands. Sethaf’s wounds began to heal and Marcus started to breathe easier.

They stopped the man’s bleeding, bound him, and brought him back to consciousness. They asked him who he worked for and the man responded, “You are all already dead and don’t know it. The Brotherhood will come and you all will burn.” Marcus who was resuscitated asked, “what give you the right?” He responded, “ What gives you the right to breathe?” Now Oren put a blade to the man’s throat and asked “What is the Brotherhood?” “Your betters”, the man answered. “What deity do you follow?” Oren continued. “The deities are weak. Where are they? The Brotherhood is the real strength.”, the man spat and began to laugh manically. He refused to answer anymore questions or responded to any of the multiple threats leveled at him. He instead just laughed his crazy laugh that match the crazy look in his eyes. Seeing that he was not going to provide any answers Oren slit his throat and left his corpse.



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