Population: 58
Government: Mayor (Cyrus)
Religion: None
Imports: Food, livestock, tools and wood
Exports: Iron, weapons, gems, and fish
Alignment: Neutral

The starting village’s name is Rala. The leader is a human named Cyrus. Cyrus is a tall regal man who seems to have been destined to be a leader. He is quick to help when needed and is very personable to even the lowest of rank in the town. He is wise beyond his years and know a lot about geograph due to his nomadic behavior in the past.
The current population is 58 including you guys. The major occupations is farming (some small cattle, and vegetables), fishing on the river, and mining (just started but that was the major draw to this area). Rala is run as a semi-socialistic village. Every income that is a result of mining, farming or fishing are subject to a 20% tax that is distributed for village survival.

The forest just to the south is terribly dangerous. If you try to enter you will almost certainly be strung up by the elves for trespassing. Also once in a while something will make its way out and attack the village causing Cyrus to designate guards for the town.

Notable Citizens

Charles Darling – Captain of the guards
Diely Rocmane (spellscarred) – Charles’s second in command. He is a spellscarred half-ogre.
Jasmine – The newest arrivals to the village. Jasmine is a dark skinned human female. She is an expert in gems. She
carves and sells them. She is a very charismatic woman who would mostly likely be reguarded as the second in command in Rala. This an unofficial title and one that doesn’t sit well with Cyrus but no one denies that there is a sizable group that take all of their direction from Jasmine. She has never tried to usurp Cyrus’s command in anyway, however, so Cyrus can not justify breaking up this alliance. metal.
Kreegan – Kreegan looks to be a large human standing just slightly shorter than the half-ogres. He dresses in fine
clothing that shows that he and Jasmine have experience atleast some success. He and Jasmine came to the village as many for the draw of the mine. Kreegan works the mines and in exchange for the gems that are found. He and Jasmine claim none of the metal.
Nigel (spellscarred) – Nigel is a druid that lives in a near by cave. He is obviously a dwarf but he swears that he is a
gnome. Everyone has let it pass in town because Nigel as helped on occasions and seems friendly enough. He is reguarded as the regional expert in herbs.

Barkley (spellscarred) – Barkley is a kolbold sorcerer name. He servers as a resident expert things having to do
with magic. He is somewhat stand offish and very suspicious of everyone. He always seems nervous but in general he is kind.

MacGnome (spellscarred) – MacGnome is pale sickly looking gnome that tinkers with inventions all the time. He
owns one of thethree houses in the village. Normally buildings are used for the good of the entire community but everyone is afraid to enter MacGnome’s home and run into one of his inventions to thier demise. Despite this everyone is fond of the charismatic MacGnome.
Marcus (spellscarred) – Marcus is a second half-ogre, though no one mentions that he is part ogre after he laid out
the first person to have pressed the issue, he serves as a primary caravan guard.

Cole (spellscarred) – Cole was born an orphan a few months ago and has an extreme spellscar that makes his cornea
seem a purple instead of the typical blue. His father was killed in a recent attack on the town by a giant bear and his mother died in childbirth. The town as a whole has taken over for the babe.
Jacob (spellscarred) – Jacob is the lead miner. He is a squat human that seems to be bred for mining. He has a
knack for finding cracks and vein in stone that have allowed the town be more adapt at mining than they otherwise would have been.
Patch (spellscarred) – He is commonly considered to be slow witted but he has a way with animals so he works with
the herd of goats.


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